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Development of new building materials for building materials

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New building materials and not a single category of product name, but represents a kind of advanced productivity, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, high quality and powerful building materials products Guizong. Advantages of the new building materials, in our country has developed for many years, but still only occupy 20% of the total industrial output value of building materials industry. The reason is complex, diverse, and it is the technical level of the problem, it is better to say that the overall environmental impact of the building materials industry and the neglect of people. However, with the rapid development of social economy, the development of real estate industry, the improvement of people's living standards, whether from the national perspective or from a personal point of view, it seems that there is a growing awareness and demand for new building materials. The new era of building materials industry seems to be coming quietly...... Among them, the insulating building materials industry after 30 years of efforts, especially after nearly 20 years of rapid development, many products from scratch, from single to diversification, quality from low to high, has formed take expansion perlite, mineral wool, glass wool, foam, refractory fiber, silicon calcium adiabatic products consisting mainly of relatively complete variety of industry, technology, the level of production equipment also has the greatly improved some products have reached international advanced level in the 1990s. But because our country insulation material industrial Takeo too late, the overall level of technology and equipment is relatively low, application technique in the field of architecture needs to be improved, in a large extent affected the thermal insulation materials to promote the application. In recent years, the phenomenon of repeated construction of heat preservation material is serious, the country has been on the whole country, the production line is put into production in several years, while in the field of application development, but the investment is not much.
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