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Aluminium silicate fiber blanket
Detailed description
Production process:
1 production equipment: American BM company three flow mouth acupuncture blanket assembly line
2 kinds of aluminum silicate fiber blanket, the use of different materials (such as coke, SIO2/AL2O3 powder mix, etc.), the fiber by the settlement of acupuncture, heat setting, cutting, rolling and other processes. Uniform texture, smooth surface, with excellent tensile strength, due to the aluminum silicate blanket itself does not contain adhesive, so greatly improve the degree of heat resistance!
Aluminium silicate fibre needled blanket, is composed of a spray blown fiber or thrown silk process for the production of ordinary type, standard type, high purity type, high aluminium, containing zirconium aluminum silicate
Fiber cotton by acupuncture, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling and other processes. All kinds of acupuncture blankets have the same good properties except for the same type of bulk silica fiber
Can outside, and have excellent tensile strength. Needle blanket uniform texture, smooth surface. Different bulk density, different thickness of the needle blanket, for the user to provide
Wide selection range, in order to get the best heat insulation structure and energy efficiency.
Product description:
Color white, size structured, set fire, heat insulation, heat preservation in one, without any binder. In the neutral, oxidizing atmosphere, long-term use can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure. Temperature resistance 950-1400. Various industrial furnace kiln trolley furnace box type resistance furnace furnace heat treatment furnace quenching furnace annealing furnace tempering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace burning furnace carburizing furnace special refractory ceramic fiber blanket blanket, module products stone ceramic limited liability company specializing in the production of ceramic fiber cotton, blankets, carpets, plate, cloth, tape, rope, etc.; aluminum silicate fiber series; light fireproof heat insulation materials; industrial furnace fiber insulation; insulation board in cement rotary kiln; all kinds of heat treatment furnace fiber insulation; castable high temperature glue; ceramic fiber folding module block; ceramic fiber tube shell, pouring the crossing and other special-shaped vacuum products; mold plate, block fire plate; a variety of 304 and 310 anchor;
Routine and special module, folded pieces; lining design; fire; material and technical guidance; lining materials, aerospace special refractory ceramic fiber blanket blanket, module products that: color white, size regular, set fire-resistant, heat insulation, thermal insulation in one, does not contain any binding agent. In the neutral, oxidizing atmosphere, long-term use can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure. Temperature resistance 950-1400. Large kiln equipment special refractory ceramic fiber blanket blanket, module product characteristics: excellent chemical stability; excellent thermal stability; good tensile strength; low heat conductivity; low heat capacity; excellent acoustic noise performance. Industrial furnace insulation, heat pipe insulation, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high temperature gasket, inorganic fireproof rolling shutter door. Aerospace special refractory ceramic fiber blanket, modular products.
Product technical performance index

Working temperature: depends on the material conditions, heat source type and environment, etc..
Technical characteristics: low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent tensile strength, excellent heat insulation, sound-absorbing fire
A, industrial building materials furnace, heating device, high temperature pipe wall lining
B, electric boiler, gas turbine and nuclear power insulation
C, chemical industry high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment of the wall lining
D, high-rise building fire, heat insulation
E, kiln door, roof insulation
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