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Special color steel rock wool board
Detailed description
The main performance of color steel rock wool
Rock wool color steel plate is to select high-quality basalt as the main raw material, the high temperature melt, adopt international advanced four and centrifugally spun cotton process, the basalt melt left twisted 4-7 muon m of non continuous fiber, again in the wool fiber added a certain amount of binder, oil proof, water repellent agent, after the settlement, curing, cutting process, according to different uses the color steel plate composite molding equipment production into different rock wool color steel plate.
In many of the thermal insulation material, rock wool color steel plate product with are light in weight, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, attract good, does not burn, a wide range of temperatures, use for a long time, and other prominent advantages. According to the calculation of industrial heat device each using a cubic meters of rock wool products made of insulation materials, can save energy 2500 kcal / hour, each save 3 tons of standard coal. The builders each use a ton of rock wool insulation, a year at least save a ton of oil. Therefore, it in the construction, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, urban heating network protection, and agriculture (medium) and other industries are widely used.
Rock wool color steel plate and subdivision: stainless steel rock wool board, rock wool board, sound-absorbing wool color steel plate, drying color steel plate, glass magnesium rockwool color steel plate, handmade rockwool board, and so on.
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