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Ceramic fiber board
Detailed description
Ceramic fiber board is used in the corresponding material of ceramic fiber cotton as raw material, after special treatment, in addition to slag, vacuum forming process. Product slag ball content is low, bulk density, hardness, strength from the inside to the outside uniformity is good, so as to achieve the best insulation performance; can be arbitrary shear bending, is the furnace, pipe and other insulation equipment of the ideal energy saving material.
Product characteristics:
The high strength, long service life;
The low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity;
The excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;
The excellent performance of sound absorption and noise reduction;
The excellent anti erosion properties;
The precise size, good flatness; cutting easy installation, convenient construction.
Application domain:
The glass industry: molten pool back lining insulation, burner fast;
The petrochemical industry: high temperature furnace hot face lining material;
The iron and steel industry: expansion joints, were lining insulation, thermal insulation and mold insulation film;
The non-ferrous metal industry: tundish and launder, used for casting copper or copper alloy;
The kiln construction: hot face refractories (alternative fiber blanket), heavy refractory by contrast, expansion joints;
The ceramic industry: hot surface structure and light trucks kiln kiln body, kiln lining the temperature zones separated and fire block material.
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