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Ceramic fiber felt
Detailed description

Ceramic fiber felt products:
The ceramic fiber cotton fiber made by resistance furnace is used as raw material for the production of ceramic fiber cotton. Is a lightweight, flexible, refractory fiber insulation materials, from high purity refractory oxide and organic combination of the combination of. In addition to the fine properties of ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber is a kind of multi - functional products.
Characteristics of ceramic fiber felt products:
Compressive strength is high, the service life is long; low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; non brittle material, toughness is good; accurate size, good flatness; easy to cut the installation, construction is convenient; excellent anti erosion performance; continuous production, fiber distribution, stable performance; excellent acoustic noise performance.
Typical application of ceramic fiber felt:
Jinan Sheng Yang products are widely used in iron and steel industry: expansion joints, insulation, thermal insulation and mold insulation film backing; nonferrous metals industry: tundish and the groove cover, for casting copper and copper alloy; high temperature gasket. Ceramic industry: light kiln car structure and furnace lining body. Glass industry: molten pool were lining insulation, burner block; kiln construction: hot face refractories (alternative fiber blanket), back of heavy refractory lining, expansion joints; light industry: Industrial and domestic boiler combustion chamber lining. Petrochemical Industry: high temperature heating furnace lined with hot surface material.
Technical performance index of ceramic fiber felt:

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